Scott Naturals

Connecting brand with community through a sustainable message to create loyal consumers.

Scott Naturals Integrated Launch

When Kimberly Clark was looking to launch its new Scott Naturals brand and drive awareness among its store associates and consumers, we got the call. And we developed a smart integrated experiential campaign to over 120 cites nationwide that brought the brand to life in-store, online and on-the-go—for consumers, store associates and the trade.

The Challenge

Scott Naturals a Kimberly Clark company has a variety of natural products, and compete with, national brands. Having just developed an “all-natural” paper products, Scott Naturals sought to launch its new products in a crowded, competitive premium marketplace against national brands with larger budgets and more exposure.

The Solution

While the client asked us for “a promotion and a shipper,” we knew we could jump-start the Scott Naturals brand by creating engagements that matter—to every family audience—across the natural paper products category, by connecting isolated tactics into a strategic sustainabable story.

We thought about how store associates would experience the brand, so we created a pre-launch contest, as well as a series of social media campaigns with coupons that encouraged them to try the new brand for their own family. We partnered with one of the largest retailers, Walmart in over 100 cities nationwide.

We knew we would recieve some resistance for the Lohas group because of Kimberly Clark harvesting trees for their other products. But we also knew by Scott Naturals using biodegradable and recyclable material we could win over this audience. Instead of resisting, we supported and embraced their concerns winning them over.

True enough, we developed that “online coupon” the client wanted to integrate with our city tour. But we took it further. Displays borrowed packaging elements, and included take-aways on the brand’s story. These displays either cross-sold a then-happening promotion—like an integrated campaign with national tree plantings bringing thousands of families together to do something great for their community—or included a QR code/mobile activating consumers to branded mobile touch points.

The Scott Naturals-branded microsite carried the brand story to the web, and SEO helped consumers find the brand. Also online, coupons reduce the need to use paper and allowed quick access to get consumers to try all the Scott Natural products.

The Results

We handed out over 300,000 samples in 120 cities in the U.S., along with ambassador training materials, ensured a successful launch—so successful that store managers regularly called corporate begging for more product because stock sold out so quickly whenever we visited a retail location. We would even ramp up inventory and still sell out.

Scott Naturals was a partner in a national tree planting campaign with our sustainability teams, we planted more than 250,000 trees in communities hit hard from severe storms to restore their green space.


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