Oberto Snacks

Connecting brand with consumers through a message of fit and healthy. Launching them to the #2 beef jerky brand.

The Summary

Oberto Snacks started as a Seattle, Washington family owned business over 100 years ago in 1918. Today, it employs 500+ people and has three distinct brands specializing in meat snacks: Oberto, Pacific Gold, and Cattleman’s Cut. In May 2018, Oberto Snacks was acquired by Premium Brand Holdings.

The Challenge

Oberto is in a heavily saturated market with leading brands that have been solid for years. If we could get people to try Oberto we knew we could gain those consumers. We had to determine how to reach thousands of consumers through brand sampling and have them sample the product. We had to come up with a reason why a brand loyal consumer to another leading brand would switch to Oberto.

The Solution

Alongside a experiential marketing campaign at over 100 cities, the social media presence was launched mainly across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With those in place, Oberto was able to target national and select top-selling regional locations through our boots on the ground.

They did this most effectively with the creation of brand sample packages we could get into the hands of consumers at retailers and targeted high-profile events which we found consisted of fitness junkies wanting a protein boost.

Step #1. Research to build brand identity

It started with partnering with retailers and high-profile events, we had this great product that was testing really well and was going to do well in the market, and we needed to create a sub-brands, because consumers wanted choices.

During that process, It was like layers of an onion. We just kept peeling back more and more things that we just knew we needed to do in order to do it right.

Once committed to this evolution, the team knew the next step to real growth was “marketing and brand recognition.” Many consumers were unfamiliar with the Oberto brand.

However, the team also found that customers who were introduced to the branding and tasted the product came back for more.

Our team found pretty quickly that in order to grow, people needed to be able to think of Oberto and know the branding so that they see it when they’re in the store.

Social media emerged as a lower-cost way to do research. Securing Oberto social media profiles started as a way to conduct research on customers and competitor brands.

Additionally, research, online traffic data, historical sales data, focus groups and market research on the snack industry were done to discover who made up their target customers, why they bought meat snacks and where they bought them.

All the research indicated a need for an update to the logo and brand identity that would resonate with people and stay with them.

Step #2. Produce content and experiential campaign

When the experiential campaign started, the team started to put more money into social media paid campaigns to start directing traffic to these events where we had reasons such as giveaways to drive traffic.

The goal wasn’t necessarily for product placement or to necessarily get an increase in sales. Our goal was to just start getting the word out and to see what resonated with people and to see the response from consumers.

The Results

We handed out over 250,000 samples in over 100 cities in the U.S., along with brand ambassadors, ensured a successful launch—so successful that consumers were requesting the Oberto brand at their favorite local retailers.

The new brand voice and social media presence provide the Oberto brand with a way to demonstrate its knowledge and ability to customers. It also allows the team to build confidence with the stores, buyers and distributors that are making the purchasing decisions.

During this experiential campaign we saw a solid growth of sales and social media of more than 1800%.

It shows that engagement touches everything, and we can measure through sku’s better than we can measure just about anything else besides our digital data. Combined with social media it works because everybody interacts with social in some way — whether it’s Baby Boomers or Millennials — everybody does. They’re all there.

The team will definitely continue what they have been doing, because they are learning so much about their audience.

Whenever we have him at a retail partner store, grand opening or anniversary event … that always gets a lot of social engagement.