Connecting brand with community through a sustainable message to create loyal consumers.

The Summary

BSH Home Appliances Corporation is the third-largest manufacturer of high-end appliances in the world. BSH is a joint venture between Robert Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG based in Munich, Germany. With its dedication to producing outstanding and environmentally responsible home appliances.

As global home appliance manufacturer BSH prepared to launch an awareness campaign in the United States, it faced an uphill challenge. Heavy competition in the marketplace, limited domestic awareness, and an under-defined brand identity all stood as obstacles to a launch strictly confined to hands on engagement.

The Challenge

In a crowded space of home appliances, BSH needed a way for its new high efficient appliances to stand out. With a limited owner base, low brand awareness, and a limited budget, the success of its launch rested solely on face to face engagement at major retailers, without any support from traditional media.

The Solution

Although using home appliances may initially seem like a very straightforward task, there are several layers of influence that determine what drives a consumer to use a particular appliance. Furthermore, the reasons why they may choose one kind of appliance over another are also complex. The factors that drive these decisions are unique within specific ecosystems and audiences.

Just as a natural ecosystem is a biological environment consisting of all the interconnected living organisms, the ecosystem of our human environment consists of all of our social, cultural, economic, family, personal, emotional and mental interactions and behaviors. We saw these changes in different regions of the United States. Colorado consumers have a different mindset than say consumers in Florida.

Deep insights into design methodology are possible by understanding the cultural, economic, and sociological circumstances of end users. These factors vary significantly when marketing to the Lohas group. Therefore, identifying the unique needs of an unfamiliar market can be a daunting challenge for an international corporation. In this study, FMM sought to answer questions such as:

  • What kinds of people choose to use high effeciency appliances rather than traditional brands?
  • What drives the decision to use a higher cost brand over the traditonal U.S. brands?
  • Once a consumer decides that he or she wants to buy a BSH appliance, what factors contribute to a decision to purchase from the many models available?
  • How have other brands been successful in the U.S. industry?
  • Are there any features that could be integrated in the design that could appeal to end users?

The Results

By partnering with Lowe’s, BSH was present with a fully interactive display built by Full Motion Marketing. Consumers in over 300 cities were notified before these visits through social media, banners at Lowe’s, TV, and radio. These visits would draw thousands of potential consumers and educated by our FMM trained BSH ambassadors. Lowe’s saw a 125% increase in sales of Bosch Home Appliances during these visits.

We paired BSH with a green car giveaway and sustainable message through an interactive website and app where consumers could see the impact and benefits of using BSH. Consumers realized they could get a top brand for a competitive price and make an impact on the planet. Through the energy savings and efficiency of the BSH products, consumers were actually paying less.


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